Victim’s Bill of Rights

You should know that:

  1. The accused may be released from custody prior to trial.
  2. Victims have certain rights during the stages of the Criminal Justice Process.
  3. That additional information may be obtained by contacting the filing agency or CJCC (Criminal Justice Coordinating Council at 404/559-4949).
  4. Victims may be eligible for out-of-pocket expenses from the Crime Victim’s Compensation Program.
  5. Victim may have available to them, community-based victim service programs and for information contact the Governor’s Victim Assistance Help line at 1/800-338-6745.
  6. Victims must meet any applicable obligations (provide a current phone number and address).

For additional information regarding these rights, contact one of the following victims / witness assistance programs:

(706) 613-3222 — For all misdemeanor cases
(706) 613-3740 — For all felony cases and juvenile incidents

You have been the victim of or witness to a crime on campus. We will do everything within our ability to solve this crime and apprehend the offender. We are equally concerned that this offense does not recur to you or another member of the community.

For true emergencies please Dial 911 immediately


For non-emergencies we can be reached at 706-542-2200