Submit an Officer Complaint

Students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University of Georgia:

The University of Georgia Police Department seeks to serve our community with pride and professionalism. You should know that our officers have the same authorities and obligations as any other certified police officer in the state of Georgia. Our officers are expected to be proactive, professional, and community oriented.

In order to serve you better, we welcome your suggestions, constructive criticism or complaints, including complaints against specific officers. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate corrective action will be taken when warranted.

There are numerous ways you may submit a complaint to this Department:

  1. You can submit this form online using the form below.
  2. You may come to the University Police Department at any time to speak with a supervisor or to obtain this form.
  3. You can download this form using the link below and submit it in person or by mail.
  4. You may telephone the Department at (706) 542-5813 and speak to a supervisor over the telephone or request to have this form mailed to you.

This form may also be turned into the office of the Bureau Commander for Field Operations.

Download the form here: Complaint Form

We appreciate your comments as they assist us in providing the highest quality service to the members of our community.

For true emergencies please Dial 911 immediately


For non-emergencies we can be reached at 706-542-2200