Crime Prevention Unit

Any good approach to community policing rests on the twin pillars of education and enforcement. The Crime Prevention Unit endeavors to provide education that allows our audience to make the appropriate choices regarding their safety, their property, and the law. Whether through print media, online resources, or in-person presentations and activities; the Crime Prevention Unit aims to fill its role as part of the educational arm of our department’s community policing efforts.

Your Safety

The Crime Prevention Unit offers workshops and presentations that provide participants with tips to reduce their risk of becoming the victims of crime. These activities are provided by the Police Department at no cost to participants. We encourage anyone interested to contact the Crime Prevention Unit about attending our programs.

Your Property

In addition to programs regarding your personal safety, the Crime Prevention Unit offers tips and resources for securing your property. Did you know, for instance, that you can help the law enforcement community recover your lost or stolen property by keeping records of your serial numbers and other unique identifiers? Give us a call to learn about programs aimed at keeping your property safe.

The Law

We understand that the law can be complex and confusing at times. Add city ordinances and university rules to the mix, and the whole thing can seem overwhelming. The Crime Prevention Unit provides information on how laws impact you. In comfortable informal settings, the Crime Prevention Unit shares information in group settings or one-on-one that helps people make good choices regarding the law. We will not attempt to give you legal advice, but we can offer experiences and observations to make things clearer for you.


All the efforts of the Police Department are aimed at providing a safe and harmonious environment wherein our community can thrive. We believe the best way to build a community is to work together. Accordingly, we endeavor to preserve old relationships and continuously form new ones within our community. Whether you’re representing yourself or a group, we encourage you to let us know how the Crime Prevention Unit can serve you.