Distracted Driving

We encourage everyone to do their part to eliminate distracted driving. Cell phones, iPods, fast-food items and driver drowsiness are preventing Georgia motorists from focusing on the roadway more than ever. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study, more than 80% of all vehicle crashes now involve some type of distraction – the most frequent being cell phone usage within three seconds of the crash.

Unfortunately, distractions do not end when motorists finally hang up the phone. Several other activities have been found to be just as distracting or even more capable of increasing crash occurrences. Reaching for a moving object inside your vehicle, reading, grooming or applying makeup, eating, and drowsiness have all been shown at a minimum to triple your risk of a crash.

We hope that everyone will avoid texting while driving. Not only is it dangerous, but in Georgia, it is illegal. Whatever the message is, it can wait. Distracted driving is avoidable. We hope you will join us in the effort to make all of our roads safer. Please feel free to check out these additional resources on distracted driving.

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