General Safety Tips

The University of Georgia Crime Prevention Unit works to provide a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, and students. As the State’s flagship university, UGA has an open and inviting campus. However, just like any other community our size we are not immune to crime. Students, employees, and visitors should all take the same personal safety precautions you would in any other city, anywhere in world. This article, authored by the Crime Prevention Unit, provides general information to help you become better aware of your environment and reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Three Basic Personal Safety Rules

  • DO: Stay alert, keep your mind on what’s around you.
  • DO: Communicate the message that you’re calm, confident and know where you’re going. Stand tall, walk purposely and make eye contract.
  • DO: Trust you instincts. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t.

General Safety Tips

Safety in the Public
  • When walking with one other person you reduce your chance of becoming a victim by 63%.
  • When walking with more then one other person you reduce your chance of becoming a victim by more than 90%.
  • Never walk or jog alone.
  • Avoid poorly lit streets, alleys, vacant lots, and parking lots.
  • Walk close to the curb surroundings, don’t be overconfidence.
  • Attackers look for a passive victim, so walk with a steady pace and appear purposeful.
Safety in your Residence
  • Seven hundred twenty burglaries occur every hour, one every five seconds.
  • In a recent year more than 6.5 million burglaries were estimated to have occurred. (One out of every twelve households.)
  • List only your last name and first initial on mailboxes and in the phone book.
  • Do not allow strangers in your residence.
  • Keep all entrances well illuminated.
  • Use good deadbolt locks and solid core doors.
  • Do not give personal information over the phone.
Safety in your Vehicle
  • Every 33 seconds a car is stolen.
  • Car jacking is steadily becoming the crime of choice.
  • Always lock your car doors even while you are inside you vehicle.
  • From a distance, look around and underneath your vehicle before approaching.
  • Look in your back seat.
  • Have your keys in your hand and ready to unlock your car door.
Safety in the Office
  • In the average office setting, there is at least one breach of building security.
  • Make a difference by taking the “opportunity” out of theft.
  • Program 911 or Police phone number into automatic dialing.
  • Secure your area and building when leaving.
  • Keep purses in locked area.

Call Police for assistance:

  • A strange person
  • Help to a car
  • Help securing building
Domestic Violence
  • In 95% of incidents of Domestic Violence, women are the victims.
  • An estimated 4,000 American women die each year at the hands of their husbands or boyfriends.
  • Often he uses intimidation making her afraid by using looks and gestures.
  • He can use emotional abuse by putting her down or making her feel bad about herself.
  • Isolation is often used though controlling what she does and whom she sees.
  • Treating her as a servant, making all the big decisions and acting like the master of castle.

For more information regarding these topics, please contact (706) 542-0104 or (706) 542-0411.

For information on sexual assaults and sexual assault prevention, contact or visit the following organizations:

UGA Women’s Clinic
(706) 542-8691

UGA Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP)
(706) 542-8690
(706) 542-SAFE(7233) *24 Hour Hotline*

Rape Crisis Hotline
(706) 353-1912

The Cottage Center
(706) 353-1912

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

For true emergencies please Dial 911 immediately


For non-emergencies we can be reached at 706-542-2200