Crime Prevention

The University of Georgia Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit would like to provide you with the following information to help keep yourself and your belongings from becoming a victim of crime.


Of the current student body in America, between two and three percent will eventually die from alcohol related causes, about the same number as will get advanced degrees, master's and doctorate degrees combined. For the over 12 million college students in the United States, the annual consumption of alcoholic beverages totals well over 430 million gallons. That is the same amount it would take to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool on every college and university campus in America. Alcohol is involved in sixty-five percent of traffic fatalities, fifty percent of all murders, thirty-three percent of all suicides and forty percent of all fatal car crashes.

For these reasons it is important that you know the facts so you can "call the shots."

Vehicle theft is the most expensive property crime in America with an estimated cost of over $4.6 billion annually. USA Today and have compiled statistics on the most commonly stolen vehicles in the United States as well as the most commonly stolen vehicles in Georgia for 2015. You might be surprised by what they found:


Drug facilitated rape and sexual assaults are crimes that all college students should be aware of. These crimes involve a criminal using a drug to make a victim more vulnerable to an attack and/or less likely to report the crime due to fragmented memory.

Home Security Systems have made significant technological advances in recent years. Fewer false alarms, advanced monitoring, mobile access, digital storage, and home automation technology are just a few examples of improvements to modern home security systems. We encourage everyone to be proactive about their safety and security. Home security systems represent one option for people to consider as an added “layer” of personal safety and security. While we do not endorse any specific security system or company, we are happy to provide as a resource this link to help people evaluate their choices in home security systems. 


College can be one the most memorable times in a person’s life. The University of Georgia and the city of Athens offer an abundance of social opportunities. Parties and good times with friends are an integral part of the college experience.

The University of Georgia Police Department would like to announce the installation of a drug drop box at the Hodgson Oil Building. The drop box is intended to provide a safe and secure option for individuals to dispose of unneeded or unwanted prescription medications. Illegal substances may also be disposed of in the drop box, with “no questions asked” and no potential for criminal prosecution or other sanctions. The drop box is intended to provide a safe and environmentally sound disposal option for such substances to lessen the chances of prescription or illegal controlled substances falling into the wrong hands and being used in an abusive manner or causing harm to individuals that may come into contact with them.

How does access control function on campus?

UGA uses a single access management system as an access control and security alarm solution on most buildings on campus. It is serviced and updated by Facilities Management Division Information Technology (FMD IT) personnel, and monitored by the University of Georgia Police Department E-911 Center.

Possession of an UGACard in and of itself will not constitute access to a building. Rather, departments within buildings will determine individual employee or student access to their building.

If an individual enters a door with an authorized UGACard, no alarm will be set off from the door. However, a building may also contain motion detectors or glass break sensors as well. Be sure to check with your building’s access control representative before entering a building after hours.

The University of Georgia Police Department places an emphasis on the personal safety of women within the University community and Athens-Clarke County. One of the goals of the Crime Prevention Unit is to reduce sexual assaults in our community by considering steps people can take to reduce the likelihood of being targeted for these types of crimes.