The University of Georgia Police Department would like to announce the installation of a drug drop box at the Hodgson Oil Building. The drop box is intended to provide a safe and secure option for individuals to dispose of unneeded or unwanted prescription medications. Illegal substances may also be disposed of in the drop box, with “no questions asked” and no potential for criminal prosecution or other sanctions. The drop box is intended to provide a safe and environmentally sound disposal option for such substances to lessen the chances of prescription or illegal controlled substances falling into the wrong hands and being used in an abusive manner or causing harm to individuals that may come into contact with them.

Utilizing the drop box will avoid harmful substances being flushed into sewer systems where potential ground water pollution could occur, or discarding dangerous substances in waste receptacles where they could be found and used for illegal purposes and/or cause harm. We would urge anyone that may be in possession of such substances who may be concerned with the safety of their family members due to the presence of such substances, or those who may be struggling with addiction to make use of the drop box. The drop box is available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the disposal of any and all prescription or illegal substances. The UGA Police Department is located in the Hodgson Oil Building at 286 Oconee Street, Athens, Georgia.